(No.6, Vol.7,Dec 2017-Jan 2018 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Photos: Hoang Trung Thuy

The shaman comes out in the dim light of an eerily silent scene. His body shakes as he deliriously chants something unclear. Suddenly he leaps up, falls and staggers in strange postures and motions. He spreads white powder to see capture the footprints of ghosts. He plays a flute to lure wandering spirits. A deadly fight follows. Finally, when everything is over, the shaman re-spreads the powder to remove the traces of what happened.
Sung A Lung blends inspiration from spiritual life of the highlands and knowledge from his maternal grandfather, who was a shaman, into a dance full of emotions, to cast an unforgettable spell of a mystical world.

Choreographed and performed by Sung A Lung
A number in the 5th Ho Chi Minh City Dance Festival, Nov 23, 2017 at Bong Sen Theater.

Photos and essay by Hoang Trung Thuy