Vietnam s first regatta comes about

(No.6, Vol.3, July 2013 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Vietnam’s first national sailing regatta took place in June in Nha Trang. There were 14 boats, 50 crew members, including adults and children, and 30 onshore volunteers. The event was organized by Vietnam Canoe, Rowing & Sailing Federation.
The main adult race was won by Team Focus Travel. Rembrandt Tran, a 13 year-old Dutch-Vietnamese, won the gold medal for children’s races.
‘Sailing like this… it’s an amazing feeling. Imagine escaping the police on a Saturday night, no helmet, wind in your hair, full speed and you’ve gotta get away…. What an adrenaline rush…’ said one sailor.

Text and photos by Barry J Atkinson
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A short while ago, I was asked if the Vietnamese fondness for eating snails were a consequence of the former French presence here.
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