Hanoi fish cake

(No.4, Vol.3, May 2013 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Photo: Banian Tree Restaurant

Fillet the fish and cut into 2-3cm chunks
Ground the fresh turmeric and galangal, squeeze their juices into a bowl, set aside
Squeeze the left-over rice and keep the juice aside
Finely chop the shallots
Marinate the fish in juices of turmeric, galangal and rice, shallots and seasoning. Set aside for 60 minutes
Before serving:
Evenly arrange the fish on the roaster grill, making sure the fish is cooked evenly to golden brown on both sides
Cut dill into 2-3cm pieces
Spring onions: thinly slice the white parts, chop the green parts into 2-3cm pieces
Chilly peppers: thinly sliced
Use a small pan, add oil (or pig fat). When the oil is heated, throw in the prepared fish, dill, spring onions and chilli peppers. This is only to heat up the fish. Quickly stir and ready to serve.
Take a bit of fish to your own bowl, a bit of dill, a bit of spring onion, a bit of fresh rice noodle, roasted peanuts and finally, add a bit of prepared shrimp paste
Shrimp paste is tastier if a bit of lime juice, sugar and MSG are added
This fish cake dish should be served warm. It is suitable when the weather is cold and is even better served with wine
This Hanoi dish has a beautiful golden-brown colour of the fish and green of veggies. When eating this dish, you will not only enjoy the texture of all the ingredients, but also the mixture of flavour booming in your mouth: the fish, the nutty taste of peanuts, the spicy punch of dill, galangal and fermented rice. The chef promises, you will never forget this experience.
The recipe is provided by Nguyen Cao Son, a chef at Banian Tree Restaurant for 10 years.

Banian Tree Restaurant
River Garden, 170 Nguyen Van Huong St, Dist.2, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (08) 6683-5309

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