What the papers say January - February 2016

No 1, Vol.6, January – February 2016

Lottery ticket company’s managers earn 730 million VN dong a year
The online news wire vnexpress.net released that each manager in the lottery ticket company in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang earns an average of 730 million VN dong, or 33,000 US dollar a year. Their employers get a half of their total, 16,500 US dollars a year each.
The earning is high compared to the average annual income of Vietnamese white collars, around 6,000 dollars a year. In Vietnam, almost every locality has one lottery ticket company and the companies are State-owned.
Many blamed the companies for the spread of illegal gambling. High income rates among the companies’ employers indicates the social unfairness while lottery ticket sellers, who are often the old, the underprivileged, and the disable, earn about 1,100 US dollars a year on their maximum daily sale. All of them have to wander around on the streets despite the weather.

Four Vietnamese mobile service providers earn 360 trillion VN dong
Four Vietnamese mobile service providers, including Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel and Vietnammobile, earn a total of 360 trillion VN dong, or 16 million US dollars.
The figure shows the large number of people use mobile phones in the country. Currently, the four providers have 169 million subscribers, 190% bigger than total population of Vietnam. This suggests that each user might subscribe to between one to four mobile numbers, as the elderly and very young children do not use cellphones.
This also says that the management and statistic work of total subscribers have not been firmly done, leading to the vague situation of low service but higher charge. The online news wire vnexpress.net reported that Vietnam is among the four countries applied highest charge on 3G service in 11 ASEAN countries.
Despite the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information has managed to control the unclear status of telecom operation, the figures related to the four service providers showed that things remain out of control..

Purchase of imported cars costs Vietnamese USD3 billion
Vietnamese in 2015 have spent a total of 3 billion US dollar to purchase imported vehicles. A report by the General Department of Statistics said the number of imported vehicles in the year was 125,000, an increase of 76 per cent in quantity and 87 per cent in value over the year 2014’s figures.
Compared to figures in the year 2012, 2015’s are 2.5 times bigger in quantity and five times higher in value. The largest imports were from Thailand, South Korea, China and India respectively.
To get full ownership of an imported vehicle, Vietnamese customers pay about three times the actual price of a car, particularly luxurious ones, as tax levied on imported vehicles is 240 per cent.
This shows that Vietnamese dare to spend large amount s of money despite high tax, condensed traffic, and low quality road infrastructure in Vietnam not being suitable for expensive cars.

US$89,000 – the highest rate for Tet bonus this year
Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs said they reported a historic Tet (Lunar New Year) bonus in a foreign direct-invested business, of 2 billion VN dong or 89,000 US dollars.
This is the highest ever Tet bonus and it is a shocking number as many Vietnamese could not earn that amount in their lifetime.
Vietnam’s GDP per capita is now 2,200 dollars but many people live on income rate that much lower than that figure. Every year, when the Tet comes, teachers, especially those in mountainous area based schools, become jealous with bonus in economic sector, as they often get around 100,000 VN dong or 5 US dollars for year-end bonus.

More young people couldn’t find jobs 
A report by the General Department of Statistics said the percentage of unemployed among people aged 15-24 is on the rise, three times higher than the average rate of all ages.
The report did not reveal an exact number for the total unemployed young people, but it said they are on the top of the list. An expert said many graduates could not adopt themselves into working environment, which is totally different from academic ambiance.
The high rate of unemployment among young people suggests that training programmes in universities and vocational schools could not match with actual need from labour market; and the labour sector and the training sector must work together to deal with it.
Observers are concerned about the pressure to society if the unemployment rate among the youth continues to rise.

Vietnamese consume 3.4 billion litre of beer in 2015
Vietnam Beverage Association said its members sold out 3.4 billion liters of beer in 2015, an increase of 10 per cent over the year of 2014’s figure and 40 per cent over the 2010’s. This suggests that one Vietnamese drinks about 376 liters of beer a year. However, the old and children do not drink, and very few women do, so one Vietnamese man’s consumption of beer a year should be tripled the average number, of about 1,128 litres.

Compiled by Ha Nguyen

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