Banana Blossom salad

(No.9, Vol.4,Oct-Nov 2014 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Photo: Boutique Hoi An Resort

This recipe for banana blossom salad (gỏi hoa chuối) comes from Executive Chef Ta Viet Anh, and is one of Hoi An’s specialties. ‘It is also tourists’ favourite choice when staying at the Boutique Hoi An Resort,’ the chef said.
Ingredients (Serves one):
Banana blossom: 200g; Pork shoulder: 60g; Onion: 50g; Mint: 50g; Carrot: 50g; Shrimp: 80g; Peanuts: 50g; Vietnamese dressing: 50ml; Fish sauce: 25ml; Lemon: 50g; Cooking oil: 30ml; Shallot: 50g; Coriander: 50g; Two big red chilies.

Fill a large bowl with cold water. Add lime juice. Set aside.
2. Remove and discard any dried and tough outer layer or bracts from the banana blossom. Use a very sharp knife to discard stem at the bottom. Cut the banana blossom into very thin slices or a fine julienne. You can use either mandoline or food processor. Put the sliced blossom into acidulated water for 15 - 30 minutes.
3. Wash and rinse the blossom under cold running water. Drain.
4. Cut the carrot and julienne onion.
5. Boil pork shoulder about 8 minutes and thinly slice it.
6. Peel skin of shrimp and boil in hot water for 1 to 2 minutes. Then drain and keep cold.
7. Use a mortar and pestle to crush peanut, sugar and salt. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Then add banana blossom, pork, dried shrimp, peanuts, Vietnamese dressing and mint. Toss all the ingredients well to combine. Then add lime juice. Toss well and adjust the taste if needed salt, sugar or lime juice. Transfer to serving platterdecorated with coriander and chili slices.

Boutique Hoi An Resort
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Quang Nam Province
Tel: (0510) 3939-111

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