What The Papers Say Apr - May 2018

(No.2, Vol.8,Apr-May Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Hanoi tackles waste
Vietnam News, 24 March
Hanoi has paid more attention to collecting and treating packaging of plant protection products and veterinary medicines after use.
The move aims to reduce risks of pollution for water resources and soil and drive green, clean and sustainable agriculture. The city uses about 400 tonnes of plant protection products in agricultural production yearly.
If the empty packages are dumped, they cause environmental pollution. Burning the packaging emits dioxin. Collecting thus is the most effective solution.

Harsher punishment for wildlife trafficking leader demanded
Vietnam News, 23 March
Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), a non-governmental organisation working on wildlife conversation in the country, on Thursday, submitted an appeal to the Hanoi People’s Court.
The appeal was against the first instance verdict for Nguyen Mau Chien, an alleged kingpin of a transnational network, involved in trafficking rhino horns and ivory from Africa to Vietnam.
ENV said the punishment of Chien does not reflect the seriousness of his crime. The organisation proposed to appeal the first instance verdict by increasing the penalties for Chien, with two crimes, of as trafficking prohibited goods and storing prohibited goods.

HCMC fire kills 13, injures 48; trapped many others
Vietnam News, 23 March
A fire broke out at an apartment block in the city District 8’s Carina Plaza early Friday morning, killing 13 and injuring 48, and leaving others trapped inside. A motorbike in the basement suddenly burst into flames and the fire spread out, trapping hundreds of people inside. The residents had to flee to the higher floors. Some even tried to escape by jumping.
Firemen were sent to the location immediately, putting out the fire at around 4:00am.
Many survivors said that the fire alarm system did not work when the fire broke out.

Gac Ma naval martyrs commemorated
Vietnam News, 15 March
Authorities of the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa and local armed forces gathered on Wednesday to pay tribute to 64 naval officers and soldiers who lost their lives in a battle to protect the Gac Ma (Johnson South) Reef in Vietnam’s Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago three decades ago.
They offered flowers and incense at the monument dedicated to Gac Ma soldiers built in Cam Lam District, showing their gratitude to the heroes who bravely defended Vietnam’s sacred sea and island sovereignty and died with honour on March 14, 1988.
The monument lies at the centre of the 2.5-hectare memorial complex, inaugurated in 2017. It features the naval soldiers standing holding hands in an ‘immortal circle’ around the fatherland’s flag to protect it and to affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over the archipelago.

VN struggling to protect water resources
Vietnam News, 17 March
Vietnam is struggling to find solutions, especially ‘green’ solutions to address challenges in water resources management with environmental damage, climate change and unsustainable water exploitation driving the water-related crisis.
The direct cause of these problems was initially determined to be the unsustainable exploitation and use of water resources. Water resource exploitation has exceeded safe levels, with Vietnam’s wastewater treatment the lowest compared with neighbouring countries.
Vietnam was also affected by climate change which impacts rice production and economic development. Aggregate impact could be more than five per cent of Vietnam’s GDP by 2035, a substantial loss to the country’s economy.

Sea water turns black in Danang
Tuoi Tre News, 26 March
Blackish water has appeared over the past few days on a five-kilometer stretch of a beach in Danang, raising pollution concerns.
Thick yellow foam and a foul smell were also reported by locals, who have been afraid to go into the water for fear of catching diseases. The affected body of water is located along Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, spanning Da Nang’s Thanh Khe and Lien Chieu districts.
There are 28 sewer openings located along this stretch of beach, which receives the largest daily volume of treated wastewater in the city.

Dogs save many in HCMC fire
Tuoi Tre News, 24 March
Survivors of a deadly fire at an apartment building in HCMC that claimed 13 lives and injured nearly 100 others on Friday have recalled being miraculously saved by their pets.
Danny Nguyen, 29, and his wife, her fifth month of pregnancy, were woken up by their pets, a Husky and an Alaskan dog at around 2:00 am, after the fire had burned for about 30 minutes. The hounds barked vigorously and continuously scratched the door of their apartment on the building’s first floor.
The man was later rushed to the hospital. He and his wife only suffered minor injuries and slight burns.

Gold mine leaks toxic waste into central river
English VNExpress March 25
A tailings pond at a gold mine in central Vietnam breached its banks last Friday, releasing pollutants into a nearby river that contaminated the water and killed dozens of fish.
The Bong Mieu gold mine in Quang Nam Province, spans thousands of square meters, and lies next to the Que Phuong River. The spill has prompted protests from local people.
The level of pollution is so severe that residents won't even let their cattle drink from the river.

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