What The Papers Say Jun-Jul 2017

(No.3, Vol.7,Jun-Jul 2017 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Erosion continues in southern province
Viet Nam News May 11
The southern province of Dong Thap on Wednesday extended its state of emergency as the erosion worsened, with a section of the riverbank covering some 600m affected so far.
A section of the Tien riverbank was reported to have been eroded by 150m over the last few days, since the last state-of-emergency declaration last month.
Dong Thap authorities said a deepening riverbed, with several spots believed to range from seven to more than 20m in depth, was causing this large-scale erosion.
River erosion has been repeatedly occurring in the area since last month, triggering a state-of-emergency declaration on April 28 when some 227 households were believed to be in danger due to the erosion.

Vietnam takes action to save primates
Viet Nam News May 12
Viet Nam will strive to combat the hunt and illegal trade of primates by 2025, with the goal to reducing hunting by 70 per cent.
It will also work towards building three rescue centres to save and release primates back into the wild.
National parks and sanctuaries that are home to rare and endangered primates are also urged to use spatial monitoring and reporting tools to prevent hunting.

Posting children’s photos online is now illegal
Tuoi Tre News May 31
Vietnam’s new Law on children takes effect on June 1, stipulating that children have irrefutable rights over their privacy, and that anyone who publicizes their information without their consent is breaking the law.
The protection of the privacy of children consists of their personal information, medical records, photos, personal identification and school records. It will now be a breach of the law by parents or guardians to reveal such information without the consent of children aged seven or above.
With the law introduced by local media prior to taking effect, Vietnamese parents are concerned that they will no longer be able to share cute photos of their children on social media.

Vietnam’s north-south expressway to displace 2,100 families
English VNExpress June 7
At least 2,100 families are going to be relocated and more than 8,000 others will also be affected by ground clearance for the first half of the planned north-south expressway connecting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
The government said in a recent report to the legislative National Assembly that around 3,523 hectares (8,705 acres) will need to be cleared to make way for the first half of the north-south expressway in the next three years.
It said compensation and support for the affected families will cost an estimated VND13 trillion ($573.5 million) from the state budget.

Hanoi mulls replacing decades-old iconic trees
English VNExpress June 3
The Department of Construction has requested a study on Hanoi's African mahogany trees in order to devise a plan to cut down and replace them.
For now, the department has proposed felling the trees that are rotten or hollowed out first. Eventually, all African mahogany trees in the city should be replaced with new kinds of trees that suit the city better, the department has said. The large evergreen trees can live for over 100 years and have been providing shade for generations of Hanoians.
Hanoi currently has over 4,000 African mahogany trees, which line main roads. Many of the trees have also been trimmed in preparation for the upcoming rainy season.

Hanoi sweats through hottest day in decades
English VNExpress June 3
Temperatures in Hanoi hit a scorching 40 degrees Celsius, or 104 degrees Fahrenheit, on Friday, the highest temperature this summer and one of the hottest days in the capital’s history.
The heat wave is forecast to continue until early next week and may become more intense. Burning temperatures have also been reported in the nearby provinces of Hoa Binh, Lang Son and Vinh Phuc, as well as some parts of central Vietnam.

Vietnam struggles to preserve biodiversity
Viet Nam News May 6
Preserving biodiversity in Viet Nam was the main topic of discussion at a workshop yesterday in Hanoi.
The Forest Inventory and Planning Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development emphasised the need for a strategic framework and action plan for the period of 2018 to 2022, building a legal framework for biodiversity corridors in Viet Nam.
Marine protected areas and mangroves in Viet Nam are smaller than in other nations so biodiversity corridors will help develop biodiversity.

Government extends visa-exemption policy for five countries’ citizens
Viet Nam News June 7
The Government has agreed to extend the visa exemption policy for citizens from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.
The policy, which ends on June 30 this year, will be extended until June 30, next year.
Accordingly, citizens from the above-mentioned countries will not have to apply for visa if their stay in Viet Nam does not exceed 15 days.
This is the second time the Government has extended the policy which took effect from July 1, 2015.

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