What The Papers Say Jun-Jul 2014

(No.5, Vol.4,Jun-Jul 2014 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

The road to war
vietnamnews.vn, 23 May
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that Vietnam would resolutely defend its sovereignty and legitimate interests, including its maritime zones and islands, because that sovereignty is sacred.
The PM made the statement in response to questions from the Associated Press and Reuters on the current developments in the East Sea, and Vietnam's measures following China's illegal deployment of an oil rig in Vietnam's exclusive economic zone.
‘There is a vast gap between the words and deeds of China,’ he said, adding that China's acts in Vietnam's waters in recent days were extremely dangerous and seriously threatened peace, stability, security, safety and freedom of navigation, co-operation and development in the region and the world.
Vietnam was considering various defence options, including legal action, in accordance with international law, he said.
Responding to a question on the possibility of Vietnam joining forces with an ally to deal with this situation, Dung said Vietnam would not join any military alliance against another country.

Conflict hurts tourism
vietnamnews.vn, 19 May
Since 1 May, when China deployed the Haiyang Shiyou-981 oil rig in Vietnam's waters illegally, the number of visitors from China has suddenly fallen. Many Vietnamese tourists had cancelled their trips to China and tourists from other countries were worrying about visiting Vietnam, said Nguyen Van Tuan, general director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.
In a few localities such as the southern province of Khanh Hoa, some travel agencies, hotels and restaurants had announced that they would not serve Chinese guests.
‘We have directed localities and tourism enterprises to stop any such discrimination and to continue offering services to Chinese tourists and those who speak Chinese,’ he said.

Japan, VN cooperate
in corruption
vietnamnews.vn, 12 May
The Ministry of Public Security took into custody six railway officials in May on charges of ‘abusing power while on duty’ and ‘irresponsibility causing serious consequences’ following a one-month investigation.
These include two deputy general directors of the Vietnam Railways Corporation.
The public security ministry said the move was taken under the order of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to investigate allegations after a Japanese newspaper reported that a Tokyo-based railway consulting firm had admitted to paying about $780,000 to win a $41 million railway project in Vietnam, funded by the Japanese government's official development assistance fund.
The accused firm, Japan Transportation Consultants, Inc (JTC), was involved in the ongoing Hanoi City Urban Railway Construction Project (Line 1).

Sickness spreads
vietnamnews.vn, 19 May
More than 9,000 cases of dengue fever had been recorded by mid May in 42 cities and provinces across the country, the Ministry of Health's Department for Preventive Medicine reported.
Of the cases, five have died in Ho Chi Minh City, southern Ca Mau, Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc provinces.
The number of cases concentrated in the southern region with 83.3 per cent, followed by the central region with 12.9 per cent.
On the same day, the ministry reported 20,500 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease across the nation.

Black boxes slow to take
vietnamnews.vn, 16 May
Operators of buses, coaches and trucks were ordered to equip their vehicles with black boxes by March 1. But while these boxes are intended to transmit data to monitors at a centre run by the Transport Ministry, about 6,000 vehicles have not yet satisfied this condition.
About 50,000 vehicles had black boxes. Many of the remaining vehicles had installed substandard products.

Lack of education
causes abuse
vietnamnews.vn, 21 May
The month of June will be devoted to a campaign to stop sex abuse and violence against children.
The month, the idea of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, will feature a publicity drive and cultural and sporting events.
Every year about 1,000 cases of child sex abuse are reported throughout Vietnam. More than 60 per cent of the victims said they had been raped, according to ministry statistics.
Another three to four thousand cases of violence against children are also reported each year - and an average of 100 children die from their injuries, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

Airline sells out
thanhniennews.com, 23 May
Vietnam Airlines Corp., the national carrier, plans to sell as much as a 15 per cent stake to foreign investors, most likely after an initial public offering in September, as the government seeks to accelerate the overhaul of state-owned companies and spur economic growth.
Deputy Transport Minister Nguyen Hong Truong said in an interview in Hanoi yesterday. The carrier is valued at $2.7 billion by Morgan Stanley (MS) and Citigroup Inc. (C).
The national carrier is among more than 400 state-run companies that Vietnam will equitize by the end of next year to boost the country’s productivity and restructure the economy.
Foreign investors participated in only one of Vietnam’s two dozen IPOs of state companies through 23 April.

Drought woes
vietnamnews.vn, 22 April
Falling water levels in several rivers and increasing salinity intrusion have authorities in the central region scrambling for solutions.
Sea water penetration was stronger and happened earlier than usual, depriving millions of local residents of clean water for daily use and cultivation.
Drought is threatening hundreds of hectares of summer-autumn rice crop in Danang.

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