(No.3, Vol.9, Jun-Jul  2019 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Text by Le Hoa Khanh - Photos by Tran Binh An

Lung Cu Peak of Dragon Mountain, rises 1470m above sea level and belongs to Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. Sharing a border with China, this mountain has witnessed the long history of the Vietnamese fighting against foreign aggressors. That is why Lung Cu is considered a sacred place of the Vietnamese people.

 Historical records say that the generalissimo Ly Thuong Kiet (1019-1105) once set his flag on Lung Cu. Since then, kings and military leaders of Vietnam have always had their eyes on Lung Cu. Vietnamese flags are often seen flying proudly on a high pole over the peak.

The more robust Lung Cu flag post was built in 2002. It has an octagonal stem similar to the flag post of Hanoi, but smaller and only 20m high. The octagonal base or pedestal is decorated with eight reliefs illustrating the historical periods of Vietnam and the customs of the Ha Giang people. The 9m long and 6m wide Vietnamese flag soars majestically on top of a high pole. The 54m2 area of the flag represents 54 ethnicities living in the territory of Vietnam.

Seen from below, the wind-filled red flag emblazoned with a golden star in its center seems to be elevating the flag-post and the solemn mountain beneath it.

To reach the Lung Cu flag post, visitors must climb 700 stone stairs. The view changes with every step, becoming more and more breathtaking, and so do the feelings, as one gets higher and higher. At the top,visitors can contemplate a panoramic view of rolling hills and hamlets of ethnic minorities scattered on the slopes.

To see even more from a higher point, visitors can climb the spiral staircase inside the flag-post. After 140 more steps, one comes out to an open court which seems to be floating in the heavens.

As a historical vestige related to millennia of border defense, surrounded by natural grandeur, Lung Cu flag post in recent years has attracted tourists from far and wide.

The Lung Cu flag post is about 200km from Ha Giang Township. Starting from Ha Giang Township, following the national highway 4C eastward for about 160km, one comes to Dong Van Commune of Dong Van District. From here, follow the asphalt road for about 40km to Lung Cu Peak. There are many buses taking this route.

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