A breakwater to open Hue heritage to the world ?

(No.3, Vol.6,Apr-May 2016 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

After 12 years of operation, Chan May already has one operating wharf and two others waiting for investment. The port’s cargo from 2007 to 2015 has increased from over 1 million tons to over 2 million tons. In recent years, many cruise ships have docked here. Right now, the world biggest cruise ship Oasis, is applying to the Maritime Authority of Vietnam for permission to dock at wharf no. 1 of Chan May port.
From 2007 to the end of 2015, the port has received 228 ships with about 356,000 tourists and crew members. Remarkably, many foreign tourists, especially those from Europe and America, seek to come to Hue to explore the cultural and historical heritage of which Vietnam and the world, is proud. Not far from the port, the $900 million Laguna Resort is already functioning, ready to receive thousands of tourists.
In fact, economists estimate that the amount of cargo and guests coming to this port could be much higher if the waves created by monsoon winds from Oct to Feb were tamed.
The tourists and tour organizers stated expressly that they would prefer stopping at Chan May because it would save time. But during the monsoon season, the weather may be unpredictable.
If there is a breakwater like those of other ports built with by government-allocated funds, Chan May will surely be a wide-open gate at all times, convenient for liners, container ships and especially big cruise ships. Hue development and integration will be much better facilitated. The city will be able to attract and receive tourists all year round, not just during the Festival season.
After 15 years, the breakwater still remains only a request on paper, while its economical and cultural significance is obvious to many.

Located favorably amongst Mid-Vietnam’s most desired destinations including Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An, and on the shortest and most convenient road to Mid-Laos and North-East Thailand, Chan May port also has a 2.7 km inbound passage which is over 12 m deep, with 12.5m current draft for inbound and outbound ships, and over 82,000 m2 area behind the port. The port can receive up to 50,000 DWT cargo ships and 240,000 GRT cruise ships.

By Pham Hung Nghi
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