Vietnam Heritage April - May 2019 (Events)

(No.2, Vol.9,Apr-May 2019 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

A great spiritual festivity amid majestic scenery

“The 2019 UN Days of Vesak will take place from 5th to 19th of May 2019 at the Tam Chuc Buddhist Culture Center, Ba Sao Commune, Kim Bang District of Ha Nam Province,” the Vietnam Buddhist Association announced.
Visitors to the 3rd Vesak organized in Vietnam will not only see the largest pagoda of the world amidst some majestic and poetic scenery, but also take part in many festive activities typical of Vietnam Buddhist Culture.
Vesak celebration has been recognized since 1999 by the United Nations the world’s biggest religious cultural festival. Since then, this yearly event has been organized on a global scale in many countries where a major part of the population is Buddhist.
The main topic of the 2019 Vesak celebration is a Buddhist approach to global leadership and shared responsibility for a sustainable society.
It is expected that the Grand Celebration will have over 10,000 attendees, among whom there will be about 1500 leaders of Buddhist Associations and Buddhist theologians from about 100 countries and territories.
The top monks of the Vietnam Buddhist Association regard this year’s Vesak as an occasion for Buddhist leaders of the world to meet and exchange ideas, a forum to spread the words of Buddha about peace, harmony, progress and development and to promote the role of Vietnamese Buddhists in the global community.
The Great Vesak venue this year is the Tam Chuc Buddhist Culture Center, a complex of Buddhist architectural structures considered the largest in the world. This architectural complex includes also a 600ha lake with six small islets surrounded on three sides by solemn majestic mountains.
The whole complex of the Tam Chuc Buddhist Culture Center is enveloped by the Tam Chuc Tourist Zone with 5100ha of almost pristine forests and mountains.
The grand architectural edifices at the Tam Chuc Buddhist Culture Center include the Gem Pagoda, the Sequence of Incarnations Temple, the Dharma Temple, the Temple of Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva, the Triple Gates, the Auditorium, etc. all containing intricate statues and decorations, most notably the 12,000 stone images depicting episodes of Buddha’s enlightenment process.
The most important ceremonies in this year’s Great Vesak include the Buddhist message from the UN General Secretary, the message from the Head of Vietnam Buddhist Association, and the lecture of the Central Bureau of Propagation of Faith on the significance of Vesak,
The festive part includes a culture and vegetarian food fair, parade of flower vehicles decorated in Buddhist themes, release of flower garlands and colored lanterns in the river, exhibition of Buddhist relics, artistic performances on Budhist themes.

The spiritual and festive air are felt not only at the Tam Chuc Buddhist Culture Center, but all over Vietnam, as reported in the Communiqué of the Vietnam Buddhist Association: “The provincial and city executive committees of theVietnam Buddhist Association have prepared for the local celebration of Vesak. During the Celebration all the province and district headquarter of the Vietnam Buddhist Association set up their local Lumbini Gardens, hang Buddhist flags, flower garlands, lanterns and bilingual banners in Vietnames and English to salute the Vesak.”
The celebration of the two previous Great Vesak also show the spiritual and festive air of Buddhist Culture all over Vietnam. Pagodas and many Buddhist households were decorated meticulously and beautifully on Buddhist themes with flowers and lanterns.

Da Nang Firework Festival 2019

Da Nang International Firework Festival (DIFF) 2019 under the theme “Rivers’ Stories” will take place over five evenings with the participation of Vietnamese, Russian, Brazilian, Belgian, Finish, Italian, British and Chinese teams. The spectator stands will be on Tran Hung Dao Street between the River Han’s Rotating Bridge and Thuan Phuoc Bridge, supporting 21,000 seats to service 104,000 spectators during the 5 evenings. The organizers plan to add a B6 stand to have 1,600 additional seats each night.
Beside the Firework Festival, Da Nang will host other events such as the biggest ever street festival under the theme “Da Nang – the City of Bridges”, Food and Beverage Fair “Flavors of four seasons”, and an Air Balloon Festival, etc.

Venue: Da Nang, downtown
Time: Jun 1 to Jun 7, 2019
Ticket prices: B4 stand - 300,000 VND
B3 stand - 400,000 VND
B2 and B1 stands - 600,000 VND
A2 and A3 stands - 800,000 VND
A1 and A stands – 1,000,000 VND
For details see:
https:// phaohoaquoctedanang.com/

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