Activities at the Ho Chi Minh Museum in 2015

(No.1, Vol.5,Jan-Feb 2014 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

A performance to show how to make the rubber sandals (that Ho Chi Minh used to wear) at the Expl oration and Experience Space of the Ho Chi Minh Museum
Photos: Ho Chi Minh Museum

2015 is the year Vietnam celebrates many great national events. Together with the whole nation’s celebrations, Ho Chi Minh Museum plans to initiate some activities to serve the domestic people and international friends.
To boost foreign relations, during Jan 2015, in collaboration with Embassies and the authorities concerned, Ho Chi Minh Museum will organize the following exhibitions: ‘65 years of friendship with China (1950 - 2015)’, ‘65 years of friendship with USSR/Russia (1950 - 2015)’ and ‘85 years of Communist Party of Vietnam, a glorious journey (1930-2015)’. These are also meaningful as we celebrate 74 years since the day Chairman Ho Chi Minh came back to the country to directly take charge of Vietnamese revolution after 30 years of being engaged in revolutionary movements abroad.
The gifts to Chairman Ho Chi Minh presented by fellow country people and international friends in his life time, especially the emotions of the people toward his life, his deeds, his ideology and moral are exposed in the May exhibitions of the Museum: ‘Chairman Ho Chi Minh the inspirer of creativity’, ‘Noble examples of modesty and simplicity’. Especially, also during this time, Ho Chi Minh Museum will inaugurate and open the ‘Space where Uncle Ho wrote his last will’. This is a supplementary exhibition to revive the years Chairman Ho Chi Minh contemplated his historical ‘will’. The above activities constitute an important part of the celebration of 125th anniversary of Chairman Ho Chi Minh (19/5/1890-19/5/2015) and 50 years since he wrote the will, one of the 30 national treasures that the Prime Minister had signed a decree to acknowledge in 2012.
Together with the above mentioned activities, Ho Chi Minh Museum plans to publish ‘80 places Uncle Ho lived and worked in France’ to introduce his life and activities as a revolutionary in France (1917-1923 and 1946) and ‘Ho Chi Minh’s New Year Wish Verses’, a bilingual collection of poems and cards Chairman Ho Chi Minh wrote every lunar New Year.
Also in 2015, Ho Chi Minh Museum will coordinate with Dept of UNESCO cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to partially sum up five years of the Project ‘Following Ho Chi Minh’s footsteps’ (2009-2014). This project’s purpose is to find and collect all valuable materials and artefacts about Ho Chi Minh, especially in the countries where he lived and worked in his revolutionary quest, to effectively bring the image of Vietnam, its people and the legacy of Ho Chi Minh to our international friends.


Ho Chi Minh Museum is a memorial-type museum, a part of the Historic-Cultural Legacy Complex which includes Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh’s Living Quarters and Ho Chi Minh Museum. The museum was opened on May 19th, 1990, the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Ho Chi Minh.
The museum building is shaped like a 20 m tall white lotus. The exhibition space is 4,000 m2, showcasing over 2,000 documents and artefacts (from nearly 17,000 items stored in the museum’s basic collection) that introduce the life and legacy of Chairman Ho Chi Minh, in connection with Vietnam’s and the world’s history. There is also 600 m2 for topical exhibitions and cultural activities. The museum’s library has over 8,000 titles, its archive – about 35 documents for Ho Chi Minh-related research. The Exploration and Experience Space of the museum is an area of 150 m2.
Every year, Ho Chi Minh Museum receives over a million visitors, among whom more than 1/5 are foreigners.

Text and Pictures by J G
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