Vietnam’s crown of pearls in a kingdom of jewels

No 3, Vol.6, May - June 2015

Long Beach Pearl (LBP) is a jewellery brand from Vietnam. LBP’s impressive galleries and beautiful jewelry boutiques are located at world-known travel destinations such as Mui Ne – Phan Thiet, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc Island. LBP showrooms are truly world-class jewellery centres in Vietnam. All LBP’s showrooms are 1000-2000m², with modern design and excellent services for guests. In 2014, LBP was listed in the top 10 most famous Vietnamese brands.
In April 2015, Long Beach Pearl celebrated the opening of 4 more new pearl pavilions. Namely, the showroom at Sheraton Nha Trang resort and spa on 13 April and the same day, an opening ceremony was held at Phu Quoc Island. Only 3 days later, LBP launched at Vincom Centre – Dong Khoi, shopping paradise of Ho Chi Minh City. On 30 April, LBP boutique welcomed the first guests at Vinpearl Premium – Nha Trang. With these 4 new boutiques, now the beautiful crown of the LBP brand has 11 exquisite pearls. And more are coming this year. LBP plans to have up to 20 jewellery showrooms and boutiques by the end of 2015.
Long Beach Pearl boasts an impressive collection of several hundred sophisticated designs, with sapphires, rubies, topazes and many other natural gemstones. LBP’s specialty, however, remains pearls. The most famous varieties of sea water pearls are Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls and Mabe pearls, and LBP has them all.
Akoya Pearls have an elegant vintage beauty with white, gold and pinkish colours. A mussel needs to grow at least 3 years to form a pearl, and they are harvested when it reaches 3mm -10mm.
Tahitian Pearls are considered the ‘Queen of pearls’. They are well-known for their style, luxury and mysterious beauty with a black colour (sometimes mixed with green and grey) and a well–proportioned shape. They are harvested after 5 years of growth.
Unlike any other pearls, South Sea Pearls have a satin-like shine. They flatter every woman’s beauty with their white, silver and brilliant golden colours. South Sea pearls are usually harvested after 4-5 years of growth and can reach the size of 8mm-20mm.
Mabe Pearls are a chic and seductive white or pinkish-white colour. The longer the mussels are raised, the higher gloss their pearls can reach. Harvested after 6-10 years of growth, Mabe pearls are a specific oval shape as a result of being grown in the inner shell of mussels.
Visiting Long Beach Pearl, you will learn more about pearls; how to choose, how to wear, how to care to keep your pearls beautiful forever. Pricing allows everybody to choose the pearl, starting from quite affordable freshwater pearls in silver, all the way up to luxurious and sophisticated jewel masterpieces with Tahiti pearls and diamonds with rare, trendy black gold.
Thousands of beautiful pearls are displayed in this kingdom of jewels. Long Beach Pearl proudly offers the best choice of pearl jewelleries in Vietnam with seawater pearls.n

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