Vietnam Heritage has been publishing a series based on the National Museum of Vietnamese History’s on-going exhibition of jade objects and the museum’s publication Vietnamese Ancient Jade. This month the topic is jade slabs used by the Emperor and mandarins of the Nguyen dynasty to grate Chinese ink and ochre blocks. [ more... ]
‘In those days, the Hoa Binh Dam was not yet fully operational. My room’s single overhead bulb provided only enough light to move around. However, I could read if I was brave enough to stick the plugless copper wires of the desk lamp directly in the outlet’ [ more... ]
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The special thing about Huong Canh is its blue clay, the raw material used to make its famous products. This clay is found in the swampy areas, 3-10m ...
A short while ago, I was asked if the Vietnamese fondness for eating snails were a consequence of the former French presence here.
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