Gambrinus beer sets the scene for business

(No.10, Vol.1, Dec 2011 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

For many, 5 p.m. certainly marks the end of a working day and time for rest and relaxation. However, this may not be true in dynamic business life, it’s the time to move from behind the desk to the business dinning table, to network, socialise and catalyse deals.
As in other Asian countries, connection and relationship are amazingly important in
Vietnam, celebrated with ‘let’s-have-a-toast’
Drinks together lead to business opportunities. Important deals are signed at the dining table. Deal-makers need to consider the choice of beverage, of course.
Now, while not all beer is condusive to big results, the best beer for a particular purpose is not necessarily expensive. Beers, like people, have their own styles. This applies especially to Czech beers. And within this already special
category, let us consider the brand Gambrinus.
Beer aficionados mention the surprising, golden colour of Gambrinus and light,
compact foam, as if the taste did not identify it immediately.

A deeply fermenting type of brewing yeast culture is used. The traditional degree of fermentation for Gambrinus beer is guaranteed. Thanks to the selected Czech raw materials, the traditional recipe and strict output controls, Gambrinus meets all the conditions necessary for the trademark that is Czech beer, a sure sign of stable quality.
But Gambrinus has something extra for those who provide it at a session where the stakes are high and courage is to be maximised. It is
legendary that King Gambrinus, renowned for his will and endurance, produced the beer that bears his name.
Mr Chris Ritchie, General Director of
SABMiller Vietnam, at a gala launching night for Gambrinus beer in Vietnam, said, ‘Success in life, business, and even in beer, requires dedication, ambition, and ý chí [willpower] – to set your vision and make it come true.’
So, now Gambrinus is produced in Vietnam, it is essential to know that the process in Vietnam uses 100 per cent Czech malt and Czech aromatic hops and the traditional Czech methods.n

Photos: Gambrinus

Above: Mr Chris Ritchie, General Director of SABMiller Vietnam, right, brewmaster Pavel Prucha, centre, Mr Ngo Hong Chuyen, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic, left, and a guest at a gala launching night for Gambrinus beer in Ho Chi Minh City

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