What The Papers Say Dec-Jan 2017

(No.10, Vol.6,Dec-Jan 2017 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

Editors punished over fish sauce story scandal
Tuoi Tre News, 6 December
Vietnam on Monday punished two editors of a leading Vietnamese language newspaper which had earlier been fined for publishing what authorities said were false reports on toxic fish sauce.
Deputy Chief Editor of Thanh Nien newspaper Dang Ngoc Hoa and managing editor Vo Van Khoi had their press cards revoked by Vietnam's Information and Communication Ministry.
This comes after Thanh Nien was fined for reporting on a food scare that received widespread coverage mid-October.
The ministry said the cards were withdrawn because the two had been punished by the newspaper following the fish sauce scandal. In Vietnam, fish sauce is consumed daily by most of the country's population of 93 million - as a dipping sauce, marinade or in soups.

'Mentally ill’ woman tried to inject a child with HIV
Tuoi Tre News, 5 December
A police investigation into a Vietnamese woman who hired a hit man to inject HIV-infected blood into the child of a love rival has been suspended after she was found to be suffering from depression.
However, suspicion has been raised on the validity of the results, as Thao was released from hospital, where she was subject to compulsory mental assessment, just two months after the suspension of the investigation, on the grounds that her illness no longer existed.
Thao lives in Hanoi and is a branch manager for the northern region of a company based in Ba Ria-Vung Tau.
According to a police investigation, in 2014, Thao found out that her boyfriend, who was living in Vung Tau City, had been involved in a romantic relationship with another woman.

Driver suspended for eating noodles while taking wheel
Tuoi Tre News, 5 December
A long-haul bus driver has been suspended by his company after a video surfaced of him eating instant noodles while steering the vehicle in south-central Vietnam last week.
The driver has been identified as Ho Thanh Dan, driving from Da Lat, a popular tourist resort town in Lam Dong, to Hanoi.
The video clip spread out on social networks, lasting more than a minute, showing Dan taking the wheel and enjoying a bowl of instant noodles with chopsticks at the same time. He was seen eating the noodles using both hands while controlling the bus with his forearms.
Transport officials in Lam Dong said that Tai Thang had suspended the driver as soon as it was informed of the footage.

Refinery permitted to dump wastewater into sea
Tuoi Tre News, 2 December
The administration of the northern province of Thanh Hoa will allow the operator of a soon-to-launch refinery to discharge the facility’s wastewater directly into the sea.
The Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemical LLC has been licensed to release a total of 241,428 cubic meters of wastewater into the ocean off Hai Yen Commune.
The refinery is the operator of the under-construction Nghi Son refinery, located in the Nghi Son Economic Zone in Thanh Hoa.
Under the permit granted by the Thanh Hoa administration, the company is allowed to dump an average of 2,250 cubic meters of wastewater per day.

Pollution shrinks VN GDP by 5%
Viet Nam News, 29 November
Each year, environmental pollution causes Viet Nam an economic loss of 5 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP) and the figure is expected to rise.
Violations of environmental regulations have been recorded at some 80 per cent of industrial parks in Viet Nam, according to the General Statistics Office.
Firms with foreign direct investment (FDI) account for 60 per cent of the total enterprises that exceed waste discharge standards.
Another study on business environmental behaviour, by the Central Institute for Economic Management, shows that 23 per cent of foreign-invested firms discharged waste exceeding the allowable standards.

Vietnam's central bank denies rumors of currency change
English vnexpress.net, 2 December
The State Bank of Vietnam has issued an official statement to the public, denying a currency change and saying such rumors were based on false information.
Rumors of the currency change have swept social media platforms in recent days with the intention of inciting people to hoard gold and foreign currencies, causing chaos and anxiety among the public, said the central bank in the statement.
The central bank has also warned people to stay vigilant against such false information to avoid personal economic losses and ensure national monetary security.
The dong has been under notable pressure since last month with global investors flocking to the greenback in the belief that President-elect Trump’s pledge to pump more money into the U.S. economy will strengthen the dollar.

Vietnam to slap higher fines on public urination
English vnexpress.net, 28 November
People who urinate in public will be fined $44-$133 from 1 February next year, according to a new government decree.
Public urination is nothing strange in Vietnam, where there is an acute shortage of public toilets. Data from Hanoi’s Department of Construction shows that the capital has 340 public toilets, but two thirds are located in residential areas and only 100 are situated along streets or at entertainment facilities.
Ho Chi Minh City faces the same problem with only 200 public toilets serving the needs of its 10 million residents and the 5 million foreign tourists that visit the city each year.

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