(No.3, Vol.2 Mar 2012 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

I hope all of the readers have enjoyed a happy New Year. Chúc mừng năm mới to you all! This is a great season in Vietnam with warm weather, great food and happy feelings in a great city. At a time when Northern Europe has been well below zero and dark, we have been warm and sun-drenched.
As readers know, I have previously described the joys of living in Vietnam. I will describe one more place to acquire some of those joys.
I have found another place that provides great quality at a good price.
T & M Silk, at 155 Dong Khoi Street, near the corner of Le Loi, specialises in silk items of all types – neckties, handkerchiefs, scarves, dresses. It also provides top-quality custom-tailored men’s clothing, such as shirts and suits.
Prices are not dirt cheap, but the discerning buyer will find value. Their neckties are smooth as the night air. Their suits and sport jackets fit like a glove. I have never worn a ladies’ gown. However, based on their appearance, as well as judging by the fit and comfort of their clothing for men, I would think that members of the opposite sex would find such items worth a try.
The staff are courteous and nice. They are always willing to give discounts to buyers of multiple items. They will make every effort to satisfy you and make sure you leave with a smile on your face and dongs in your wallet.
Whether you are a native Vietnamese, an expatriate looking to supplement your wardrobe or a tourist looking for high-quality clothing items for a fair price, pay a visit and see what I mean.
Telephone: (08) 3824-5398.n

William Sabino