(No.4, Vol.6,June-July 2016 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)

1. Welcome to Hon Lao
2. New Year welcoming gate made of dry branches and coconut fiber monkeys cheerfully greets landing tourists.
3. Hefty New Year buffet party with juicy fruits for the monkeys
4. A monkey coolly enjoys the sweetness of early spring fruits
5. In her festive dress, a monkey actress greets tourists who come to the monkey show

Hon Lao celebrates the Year of the Monkey

Monkey Island, also known as Hon Lao, in the midst of Nha Phu lagoon, Khanh Hoa Province, has been dubbed the ‘green fairy’ bobbing in the sea. This 25 ha island features Long Phu Tourist Centre, which provides scuba diving, scooter rental, and parachute services. Most of the island is covered by primeval forest. Over 1,000 monkeys live here. They are taken care of by the Long Phu staff. The centre often organizes funny monkey shows.
The photo reportage was made on the occasion of Lunar New Year of Monkey (2016) at Long Phu Tourist Centre. On board the Long Phu cruiser, tourists feel one with the sky and the sea in anticipation of seeing the beautiful island.
Ticket: VND120,000 and VND60,000 for children. See more information at www.longphutourist.com

6. Monkey show acts: weight lifting, rice husking, rice braying, bike racing, etc.
7. Monkey athlete coming to the finish line.
8. Cock fight, a traditional Vietnamese form of entertainment.
9. Monkeys made of coconut fibers are the tourists’ favorite souvenir.
10. Russian tourists pose for a group photo to remember their spring vacation and visit to Monkey Island.