There is a charming land named Da Nang, with warm-hearted people who are especially fond of learning. Rich historical periods, some peaceful, some turbulent, have form unique characteristics in terms of cultural and educational traditions, creating the identity and personality of the people here. Da Nang education, quite comprehensively developed at all levels, has a special rank compared to other places in the country. Public and private schools are increasingly expanding in scope, pioneering in quality accreditation, especially by internationally respected authorities. The people of Mid-Vietnam in general and Da Nang in particular always strive for learning and investing in younger generations’ education. It is a beautiful feature to be appreciated, respected and further developed.

Taking advantage of those favorable conditions, St. Nicholas School of Da Nang pioneers in establishing a continuous system from kindergarten to high school. Furthermore, it integrates the Vietnamese school curriculum with some American curriculum, and hence its graduates can have both Vietnamese and US high school diplomas which certify their wealth of knowledge and skills.

As a proud partner school of Texas Tech University, one of America’s public universities leading in research and application of education technologies, St. Nicholas school has been pursuing and implementing the world’s most advanced education model, providing students with solid, modern education foundation and a firm pathway as they reach out to the world.

Like a second family for the kids, St. Nicholas school accompanies and takes care of their physical and mental development from Early Childhood until they finish High School.

  • At Pre-School Level – Hand-guiding their first steps
  • Using Reggio Emilia approach and methodology, academic content is blended in intensive extracurricular activities to create vibrant organic seeds of knowledge.
  • An effective learning program for children 24 months old and above builds independence and autonomy; develops, enhances and protects physical health; develops sharp observation, reflection, and reaction to situations.
  • Nutrition wise the method of Japanese professor and doctor Hiromi Shinya is used to make sure the children are as healthy as possible to learn, play and develop.
  • At Primary School level – Touching the mind and the heart
  • The “touching point” of critical thinking and emotional intelligence: There is no better way of touching these points in children as to blend the standard curriculums of the American Advanced Education System with the Vietnamese education program in an environment that promotes and encourages lifelong learning, independent cognition and critical thinking, with three core subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. At the same time, children’s emotional intelligence is cultivated as they are encouraged to be confident, to explore and discover themselves, and to feel free to express themselves.
  • The “touching point” of language and culture: English is the medium, and kids socialize with multi-national, multi-cultural friends and teachers from USA, Latin America, South Korea, Europe etc.
  • The “touching point” of creativity and integrity: energy and attitude towards everything in life are forged through diverse extracurricular activities such as: cooperative survival, personal leadership, volunteering, filmmaking, photography etc.
  • At Middle School level – Packing the luggage as kids are maturing
  • Knowledge acquisition as a tool: a modern curriculum that combine main subjects of English, Science, Social Studies, Math etc. awakens potentials, sharpens skills, and boosts each student’s innate talents.
  • Active experiencing: In this practical learning program, students can choose to study anytime and anywhere in online sessions or face-to-face lessons in the class with foreign teachers.
  • Personal Development: In addition to the regular school hours, students also participate in the Personal Development extracurricular program to reinforce their mental and physical development.
  • At High School level – The Launch Pad readied
  • Integration completed: Vietnam education program is integrated with the High School curriculum of Texas Technology University – One of the leading public universities with a long history of research and application in the field of education in the US. The US standard Common Cores curriculum fully equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their future endeavors.
  • Experiencing the international environment: Students partake in special extracurricular activities that help them integrate internationally with confidence.
  • Output commitment: Students receive a prestigious US high school diploma (in addition to the by-default Vietnamese high school diploma) through a unique DUAL LANGUAGE SYSTEM based on the educational background of Vietnam.

A special feature of the education system of St. Nicholas school is the combination of knowledge and skills. The Personal Development extra-curricular program is the focal point where the students gain knowledge and experience to be future orators, film makers or photographers through fieldtrips that are organized throughout the school year, or future broadcasters and journalists through the school’s weekly radio program.

Last year the St. Nicholas school debate team took part in the World Scholar’s Cup 2019. The first round was conducted in Da Nang, second round in Sydney, Australia and the final round at Yale university, USA. The team has taken home a total of 12 gold medals and 7 silver medals. Tran Thanh Hung won 11 Gold and 3 Silvers for Writing, Debate and School Top Scholar, ranking 9th in the top 10 to receive the honor trophy and was the highest ranking Vietnamese student in the finale of the competition.

Teachers are the ones to make knowledge digestible for the kids. St. Nicholas school teachers constantly improve and enrich their professional capabilities. They are also the role models for the kids to look up to. They are high achievers, too. Mr. Dirk Myburgh, STEM teacher of the school has published a paper on removal of COD from industrial biodiesel wastewater using an integrated process in the Springer Link, a prestigious scientific journal.

Not only are its teaching methods and tools modern and optimal, this school is also a symbol of humane edification as it puts kindness and love at the core foundation of the knowledge it conveys to the subsequent generations.

The school wishes nothing more than that its students will inherit and always keep in mind the humane philosophy of St. Nicholas. The teachers always want them to dream good dreams – dreams associated with the journey of finding one’s own self in the vast universe. The school will accompany its students in those dreams and act as a launching pad for them to soar high into the future.

In that journey, students will learn and forge Creativity, Resilience, Integrity Empathy, and Gratitude and appreciation for those around them. These are the core human values that the school strives to build in students with its personality education program. These help students of St. Nicholas School to fully develop to reach their dreams in the future and become positive, active members of their community – just like what St. Nicholas has done throughout his life.