(No.3, Vol.7,Jun-Jul 2017 Vietnam Heritage Magazine,Advertorial)

Nha Trang South, stretching from breathtakingly spectacular Long Beach up to modern hi-tech structured Cam Ranh Airport, has recently turned into a promising chic Riviera of the line of bright new luxury resorts being placed in the oases of white sands with sparkling waters with Cam Ranh Bay as a backdrop. The bay impresses one from a plane window by the full spectrum of the blue and deep emerald bead necklaces of islands and islets framed in gold ,with the sandy bottom shining through the shallow waters. The touchdown in Nha Trang is very possibly one of the most spectacular ones in the whole country, at any hour of the day. The plane descendsdown the vast blue continuum of the sparkling sea at sunny daytime and lifts the sadly-departing up, high above the resort city by night with a myriad of city lights; the brightly lit and never-ending Nha Trang esplanade and garlands of lamps from the 2-km longcablecar line from the mainland to the island.
Nha Trang South welcomes visitors with blooming bougainvilias in bunches and lines embellishing the median strip of the road .The owners of brand new Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa, where I was heading, could not have chosen a better name for the property, as it catches the very vibe of the surrounding seascapes. So does the resort main building, all white, light and contemporary designed with a gentle hint of sea cruise liners. The spacious lobby, opened to the cooling sea breeze, serves as a gateway to the CamRanh Riviera Beach Resort’s vast premises, which comprise 10 hectars of lush tropical terra verde running right into the blue sea. While sitting in the lobby lounge, one can watch through a huge ‘screen’ of panoramic non- framed windows the tops of verdant coco-trees rolling in deep green waves, the still silver water of the upper pool and the lines of white villas hiding in the shade of young bamboo groves and out farther into the unterrupted spaces of the ocean.
A short walk down the stairs and a stroll through an expansive restaurant where full-board buffets are included in the ‘boarding pass to the resort’ are being held all day long with short breaks, and one finds one’s self at the doors into the tropical green corridor to the ocean. On the way to the 200 m-wide private beach there are more surprises deserving closer attention: a huge lotus pond in full bloomwith a chorus of frogs on duty, and butterflies and birds performing whirling dervish dances on neatly kept lawns. Green lawns are also grown on the curved roofs of Ocean View and Beach Front Villas to put them in perfect harmony with floral surroundings. The coco groves change into whiteplumeria alleys leading to an infinity pool all alive with anaquaerobic session.
The interiors of the Ocean View Villa I was assigned to are simply striking and can be described as ‘over the top’, with great work clearly revealed throughout. An impressive 115 m²,featuring a two-level main room in white , chestnut, light silver and ultramarine blue colors, ornate wooden screen, closet room and huge bathroom with attached open-air shower and a steamboat of a bathtub.Add a private garden, a blossoming tree stretching its branches above the shower and throwing flowers at one’s feet, private pool framed with exotic greenery growing and floating in a little nearby pond.
The resort is truly expansive, with exquisite accomodations, featuring 226 rooms, ranging from elegant Deluxe Sea View Rooms featuring private glass ‘ship decks’ of balconies, elegant studios and suites to top end Beach–Front and Ocean View villas.
The private sandy beach in the Nha Trang area looks sensational. Calm waters with light waves in the afternoon and a gradual descent from shallow to deep promise a swim of the century.
All the elements to ensure and provide memorable pleasuresfor the guests’ free time such as a chic and cozy spa center, a modern gym with state-of-the-art equipment, an open-air night cinema, and a wide array of health-boosting and animation programs are definitelyhere.
With over 30 hotels and resorts in Vietnam visited and reviewed during my long stay in the country, I did actually keep my calmbefore impressive facilities and interiors of Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa, but I surrendered to the images of kids hunting for frogs at night in the garden, flying butterflies, dancing birds, frogs peering into the spa through windows and watching you from the pools edge while you are enjoying a late nite driftnhamaydienkhi, handsome macho men and granddaddies playing poolball like toddlers.The lady all in gold , with red manicure and chic swimming suit all of a sudden jumping in the sea riding the seahorses for a good 30 minutes dealt the final blow. Verdict: Exceptional. Impossible to remain impartial in this review.

Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa
Northern Peninsula Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa Province
Email: info@rivieraresortspa.com
Tel: (0258) 3989-898

By Nathalie Sokolovskaya